Membership to the Academy provides: 

  • Professional standing 
  • Use of the post nominal letters MPWA
  • Unlimited support by ‘phone or e-mail with regard to any party wall queries
  • Free on-line access to our comprehensive library of over 4500 items of reference material
  • Regular legal updates 
  • Discounted training courses or seminars
  • Inclusion on our list of recommended party wall surveyors


There are presently two routes to Membership.

Route 1:

For those who have taken a two-day training course with, the Academy’s sole training provider.

Route 2: 

For those with three or more years’ experience of working in the party wall sector.


Admission to the Academy by either route is solely by way of written assessment.

Route 1 candidates must complete three papers. Two are based on short, practical questions (one multiple choice). The third paper is a genuine past query from a member surveyor that we task you with responding to. Papers may be submitted singly if preferred. The assessment is not a pass or fail examination but a collaboration between the applicant and the assessor. Feedback includes bespoke guidance to help candidates develop appropriate solutions to the questions posed.  This is a tried and tested platform that have been using for the past eight years.

Route 2 candidates need only complete the third query/response paper.


Assistance is available to anyone with reading or writing difficulties.


Fees :

The annual membership fee is currently £95. The first year’s membership is free of charge for those taking the training course – see details below.

Route 1: Post-course entry :

Assessment costs are included within the £730 training course fee - see breakdown below
First year’s membership fee: Nil 

Route 2: Direct Application entry :

There is a one-off non-refundable assessment fee of £55, payable in advance. 

An application fee of £140, inclusive of the first year's membership fee, is payable on successful completion of the assessment. 


To apply for membership or request further information, please complete a membership enquiry form


Post-course Entry - Payable to Direct Application Entry - Payable to The Party Wall Academy


The training course fee is £730, made up of:


            Two-day intensive training course     £480

            Post-course assessment costs           £110

            Academy subscription (1st Year)         £  95

            Online reference access                     £  45

The initial fee is £195, made up of:


            Assessment costs                               £  55

            Academy subscription (1st Year)         £  95

            Online reference access                      £  45

In both cases: 

The only ongoing cost is the annual Academy membership subscription, payable on the anniversary of your registration. The other costs shown are once only payments.

Membership commences from the date on which the admission is registered with the Academy following successful completion of the assessment.